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Our restaurant is your gateway to the flavourful arts of Japanese cultural palate. Lauded for its elegance to sushi that is now rarely seen with rapid commercialization, Sushi Yoshi takes pride in offering a menu that comprises many of Japan’s time honored delights, prepared with only the freshest ingredients available.

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The art of Omakase

Omakase offers a unique dining experience that transcends all other restaurant services in ambiance, food, and chef and customer interactions. Experience the high class Japanese full-fledged concept restaurant at Sushi Yoshi.

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High Quality Ingredients

We pride ourselves in using only the freshest and finest ingredients to cook our food. The seafood is flown directly from the coasts of Japan once a week to ensure utmost quality, while the selection is impressive in itself.

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Memorable Experiences

Centered around an open kitchen that invites diners to marvel at the fine handiwork of its traditionally trained chef, Sushi Yoshi exudes an atmosphere that bridges the gap between high artistry and food.

Omakase Dining Experience.

Omakase is a “no menu cuisine”, meaning that the chef will serve the customer with the freshest ingredients that is in season and prepare the dishes to ensure that you will have a gastronomic experience each time you visit. 

Focusing on an intimate, simplistic experience giving each customer the time and attention deserved. All Omakase are diversified, combining freshest and best quality ingredients such as Uni, Truffle, Foie Gras, Matsusaka Beef and more.

Come be our guest.

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